J5 Psychic: Trauma & Sexual Abuse Healing

Johnny Five

These are the topics I am currently teaching/providing insight on.
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at your event or venue.

Astral Projecting

How to leave the body and travel the cosmos and astral realms.


How To Meditate

Confused on why you cannot have a consciousness shift when you meditate? I will teach you how to properly meditate to have your consciousness shift to properly communicate with other beings, your guides, and higher self to obtain relevant information to assist you in the current incarnation.

How To See Auras

Learn how to develop the sight to see the color of the energy emitting outwardly from objects, animals, and humans.

Mental Alchemy

How to heal others by utilizing the first law of the universe, the Law of Mentalism, and transmutation.

Spiritually Awakening The Self

How to spiritually awaken yourself and unlock dormant abilities within the self.

Sleep Paralysis

Clarity on, why it happens, and how to prevent sleep paralysis/spiritual attacks from inter-dimensional beings existing in another dimension living among us.