J5 Psychic: Trauma & Sexual Abuse Healing

Psychic Services

All my services except intuitive psychic reading are for locals only as they require me to come out to your home. I will specifically only travel to territories within the state of Arkansas or Oklahoma only. I live in central Arkansas so depending on how far the drive is, there may be a gas charge added. I do have clients that will fly me out to their location, as long as you are willing to cover the flight and traveling fees I will fly anywhere on the planet.

Local Services

These are services which require me to come out to your home

Assistance in Opening the Third Eye

For those having trouble meditating or having a consciousness shift when meditating.

The reality is if you want your third eye opened, the work has to come from you, I can’t do it all for you but I can perform a technique that will assist in activating. May need cleansing afterwards

Price: $45.55

Trauma Removal

Have you lay on your stomach in a relaxed position and I will attempt to remove foreign things that do not belong. Victims of mental or sexual abuse will feel spasms in areas where the trauma is located. May feel pain the next day depending on how long the trauma has been in the body.

Comes with the house cleanse and barrier set up service at no added charge

Price: $70.11



If you believe you have a spirit attached to you or is haunting you:

I will attempt extraction of negative energies, energetic parasites, and or negative spirits by laying on of hands along the spinal cord up to the head. Will also flip over and do the stomach side of the body.

Comes with the house cleanse and barrier set up service at no added charge

Price: $70.11


House Cleanse and Barrier Set Up

If you or your children have nightmares, sexual dreams, being attacked in your sleep, sleep paralysis, being haunted. Price varies depending on how big home is/how many rooms need a barrier.

For those getting any energetic extraction service, this service comes additionally with those at no added charge.

Price: Starts at $45.55 


International Services

Long distance is available for these services

Intuitive Reading/Life Guidance Reading

Will channel messages from your guides/ancestors.  Can give you 100% accurate reading regardless of what country you live in. Will text msgs so you can read them over & over. If messages do not resonate fully, will offer a full refund. I do not accept personal questions for your reading, information provided will be channeled messages only.

Price: $55.55


Spirit Animals

Learn what animals are your spiritual guides. 

Price: $35.55

Palm Readings

Your past, present, and future are written in your palms. Find detailed information out about yourself and your past lives and insight on your current life based on your palms. Must provide 3 photos, 1 of left hand, 1 of right hand, and last photo of both palms placed together with the lines matching up as close as possible.

Price: $25



Psychic readings can be given to anyone in any country. Google translate can be used for people in foreign countries that do not speak english.

 Psychic/Life Guidance Readings (readings in general) are opinions, they do not become facts until they have happened, readings given to individuals are my opinions and are not an 100% guarantee of what may or may not happen in your life. I am not responsible (J5 Psychic) for whatever decisions you make in your life based on my opinions given to you during a reading.

I do not accept cash, payments must be made with a credit card in which I send invoices through paypal. ***YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY THE INVOICE*** Psychic readings have to be paid up front, however a full refund is offered if messages do not resonate within the first few minutes of the session and it is written in the terms on the invoice that can be disputed with paypal if I do not honor this. All other services if you are not within a 30 minute drive I require full payment up front before driving to your home. If you are within 30 minutes you may opt to pay half up front and half after the job is completed.

Testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on my website are applicable to and authorized by the individuals depicted. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a medical condition or health concern, see your healthcare provider. I do not offer any guarantees on 100% removal of afflictions advertised.