J5 Psychic: Trauma & Sexual Abuse Healing

Metaphysical Services

All my services are in person, I live in central Texas area but I will travel outside of Texas however there may be a gas charge added depending on distance. Outside of a 5 hour drive, a flight cover charge will be added.

Local Services for Children & Adults

Metaphysical Treatment for Mental Issues


Metaphysical treatment for ones with mental issues such as but not limited to, bipolar, personality disorders, thought disorder, dissociative disorder, mood disorders, schizophrenia, BPD, anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD. .


1 Hour Session

Trauma Treatment


Metaphysical treatment for trauma to treat mental dysfunction related to a traumatic event.

1 Hour Session

Chakra Rebalance


Will use metaphysical energetic techniques to go through your body and rebalance your chakra gates.

1 Hour Session

Self Discovery Report


Unsure of a career path? Needing insight on some of your hidden innate passive traits and talents? I will send you a full page report that you can utilize to learn more about yourself and as a guide to steer you along the right path in times of doubt and uncertainty.

 Document Sent Via Email

Soul Retrieval


If you feel like you’ve lost or missing aspects of yourself, you may have soul fragments missing, I will use metaphysical techniques to bridge missing fragments of your soul back to you.


1 Hour Session


House Cleanse and Barrier Set Up/House Hauntings

For haunted homes or If you or your children have nightmares, sexual dreams, being attacked in your sleep, sleep paralysis, being haunted, etc.. Price varies depending on how big home is.




Metaphysical Treatment for Phantom Pain


If you’re dealing with pain that you or medical facilities cannot figure out what is causing it, it may be tied to something in the energetic body. I will attempt to alleviate the issue utilizing metaphysical energetic techniques.




Energetic Cleanse and Purification


For those interested in simple health and wellness, I have a service for an cleanse of the energy body.




Plant Medicine Cleanse


 I will facilitate a plant medicine cleanse for your body using legal plants, one can expect to feel what it feels like to be grounded for the first time and may experience visuals. Indigenous tribes use these medicines and variants have multiple purposes, they all work against removing panema (what the tribes refer to as negative energy). 

Plant medicine used will be Ambil and Hape, must be over 21 and willing to sign a waiver

Duration varies 1-2 hours



Metaphysical Treatment for Sexual Abuse Victims/Trafficked Victims


Treatment for those suffering dysfunction due to have been sexually abused, trafficked, or raped.


1 Hour Session


Couples/Partners/Friends Session

Will work on you and your partner simultaneously.

1 1/2 Hour Session

Medical Disclaimer

Johnny 5 Psychic (Ashe Greenleaf) utilizes metaphysical techniques that affect the human energy field. This field contains imprints, or distortions, that have their origins in the traumas that come from past lives, genetic inherited patterns, birth trauma, early childhood events, or entity attachments. These patterns are what are shifted during an energy healing session. Energy healing heals the patterns behind the disease or dysfunction. It does not cure the physical issue directly. By the time the patterning settles into the body to manifest a physical difficulty, it can be difficult to resolve. At this point, other modalities should also be pursued such as traditional or alternative medicine, acupuncture, massage, dietary changes, etc.. It may take multiple sessions in which the physical is repeatedly addressed along with the other issues at hand. The heavy energy that has settled into the body is gradually drained so that the vibration of that part of the body can rebound to a healthier state.  I do not treat or diagnose any medical conditions, diseases, or psychological conditions. Energy healing influences the etheric field to promote an increase in vibratory energy. Johnny 5 Psychic (Ashe Greenleaf) metaphysical healing sessions address specific emotional themes and issues and provide personal spiritual guidance, they are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

By scheduling an appointment, you confirm that you have read and understood this medical disclaimer. 

Testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on my website are applicable to and authorized by the individuals depicted. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a medical condition or health concern, see your healthcare provider. I do not offer any guarantees on 100% removal of afflictions mentioned.