J5 Psychic: Trauma & Sexual Abuse Healing

Metaphysical Services

All my services are for locals only as they require me to come out to your home. I will specifically only travel to territories within the state of Arkansas or Oklahoma only, there may be a gas charge added depending on distance. I do have clients that will fly me out to their location, as long as you are willing to cover the flight and traveling fees I will fly to any location.

Local Services for Children & Adults

Metaphysical Treatment for Mental Disorders


Metaphysical treatment for ones with mental disorders such as but not limited to, bipolar, personality disorders, thought disorder, dissociative disorder, mood disorders, schizophrenia, BPD, DID, anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD. Some such as BPD and DID require multiple sessions.

Price: $117

1 Hour Session

Trauma Removal


Metaphysical treatment for trauma to correct mental dysfunction related to a traumatic event.

Price: $117

1 Hour Session

Chakra Rebalance


Will use metaphysical energetic techniques to go through your body and rebalance your chakra gates.

Price: $117

1 Hour Session

Metaphysical Treatment for post surgery recovery


When the body goes under, whether from a NDE, or from surgery, it loses aspects of itself and its alignment is thrown off. 

Will use metaphysical energetic techniques to go through your body and energetically realign the body, may help reduce pain from surgery

Price: $117

1 Hour Session

Soul Retrieval


If you feel like you’ve lost or missing aspects of yourself, you may have soul fragments missing, I will use metaphysical techniques to bridge missing fragments of your soul back to you.

Price: $117

1 Hour Session



If you believe you have a spirit attached to you or is haunting you, I am ordained and a licensed/registered minister.

I will attempt extraction of negative energies, energetic parasites, and or negative spirits by laying on of hands along the spinal cord up to the head. 

Sessions can last up to 5 hours and may require multiple sessions, especially if diagnosed with any mental disorder such as BPD, DID, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc..

Must provide two trust worthy friends in the event you need to be restrained during session.

Comes with the house cleanse and barrier set up service at no added charge

Price:  $111-$555 depending on time spent to remove all foreign beings within one session.


House Cleanse and Barrier Set Up

If you or your children have nightmares, sexual dreams, being attacked in your sleep, sleep paralysis, being haunted. Price varies depending on how big home is/how many rooms need a barrier.

For those getting any energetic extraction service, this service comes additionally with those at no added charge.

Price: Starts at $55.55 



Metaphysical Treatment for Phantom Pain


If you’re dealing with pain that you or medical facilities cannot figure out what is causing it, it may be tied to something in the energetic body. I will attempt to alleviate the issue utilizing metaphysical energetic techniques.

Price: $117



Energetic Cleanse and Purification


For those interested in simple health and wellness, I have a service for an cleanse of the energy body.

Price: $117



Plant Medicine Cleanse


Not for the faint of heart, I will facilitate a plant medicine cleanse for your body using legal plants, one can expect to feel what it feels like to be grounded for the first time and may experience visuals. Indigenous tribes use these medicines and variants have multiple purposes, they all work against removing panema (what the tribes refer to as negative energy). 

Plant medicine used will be Ambil and Hape, must be over 21 and willing to sign a waiver

Duration varies 1-2 hours

Price: $71.1


Metaphysical Treatment for Sexual Abuse Victims/Trafficked Victims


Treatment for those suffering dysfunction due to have been sexually abused, trafficked, or raped.

Price: $117

1 Hour Session


Couples/Partners/Friends Trauma Removal Session

Same as trauma removal service but will work on you and your partner simultaneously.

Price: $201.17

1 1/2 Hour Session


I do not accept cash, payments must be made with a credit card in which I send invoices through paypal. ***YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY THE INVOICE*** If you are not within a 30 minute drive I require full payment up front before driving to your home. If you are within 30 minutes you may opt to pay half up front and half after the job is completed.

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