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Top 5 Ways to Meet your Soul Mate (Edonic Twin/Twin Flame)

Top 5 Ways to meet your Soul Mate
1.Stop Looking for them.

These are 5 top ways to meet your soul mate.

You are likely to start seeing them/having visitations from them in dreams. As you focus on the inner work and elevating your consciousness, you will start to be able to receive intuitive communication from them. Keep in mind that neither one of you are consciously sending messages to each other, it is both of your higher selves orchestrating the visits as we are merely just puppets in physical vessels in which we can make the correct choices in this incarnation once connection with the higher self is established.

2. Heal your inner wounds and childhood traumas.

You can self heal though inner work and deep meditation or contacting local facilitators such as myself or local reiki or healing practitioners to help and assist in this process. It can take what seems like a life time to heal all the wounds we have experienced as children. A lot of our millennial generation of children have been molested or raped by boomer generation in which through energetic parasites this cycle continues to plague our children and children’s children for thousands of years. These parasites come from archangels and the Luciferian Collective they’re associated with. If you are familiar with the deities worshipped in the Catholic Church then you have heard of these beings. These beings do exist and are very real, however, they’re masquerading as positive light beings. They work directly with the priests and leaders as these are the only people they can connect with since they have consciousness levels high enough to interact with higher dimensional beings. This is why priests are often caught molesting children whereas the average person in the congregation does not have these influences. Since they cannot physically interact with us, they command from a higher density and use humans as puppets so to speak to carry out their agenda. In order for the parasite to transfer from one to another, one has to be molested or raped. Once so, the bug enters into your energetic body and will influence you with urges to do things you may or may not want to do but too irresistible to resist for the rest of your life until someone such as myself removes them off your body. Because of my natural talents to heal others, the archangels tried to recruit me to instead of removing bugs, placing them on people. I denied and they proceeded to attack me for years as I learned to master defense against them and their collective. If I could not see these beings with my own eyes, I would not believe they existed.

3. Let go of religion.

Although religious readers may find offense in this and hard to believe, religion is a systematic programming used by our society for the last several thousand years. Also please understand I speak from experience and not a backseat finger pointer. I was religious for many years, a spiritual leader and evangelist in which I traveled and lived homeless and helped many families in central and eastern United States. Because of religion, you are likely to marry a person that is not your other half and only one that you connected with physically. Marriage in itself is a ritual in which ownership of a woman is passed from one man to another man (Father to the husband). When you start to understand the subtle programming in these indoctrinations and all the rituals, you will start to see the agenda behind the construct that is used to restrict humanity from elevating in consciousness. Religion uses fear to guide and not love to guide. “tithe or you will not obtain xyz” “do not do xyz or you will go to hell and not inherit the kingdom of god” “if you’re LGBTQ you’re going to hell”

What is really guiding a person to stay religious? Fear, not love.  The system is designed to keep you in a distracted loop and to not become a anomaly within this reality. An anomaly within the system not cooperating with society standards because they have discovered the plan and the scam within our society thus becoming a target for speaking out about it. Society molds us to believe the only life is the life of going to school, go to college, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, and then pass the torch of an endless meaningless cycle on to the children. Oh but there is so much more to life than what we are programmed to believe starting out as children to adult.

100% of my married clients that have starting having dissension with their partner whom have contacted me with questions on why their romantic polarity shift started after beginning their spiritual path of expanding and elevating their consciousness. Questions such as, why they are no longer in love with their significant other, not getting along anymore, not seeing eye to eye anymore, not connecting like they once did, husband making fun of wife for doing metaphysical cleansing within the house such as saging or buying crystals to ward off negative energy, etc. The answer is simple and always the same. When one rises in consciousness and their partner remains stagnant, you are no longer a vibrational match and your relationship will end so that you can connect with your true partner which can only happen once you start this path.  You can go your entire life and be with the wrong partner. The relationships that do not end once this dissention starts are  usually because out of fear of some sort. Maybe the man works and the woman is dependent upon the husband financially so she remains in the relationship for convenience and not love, for example. Do not allow yourself to stay trapped in a relationship out of fear. A way will always be provided, you only need the courage to step forward. You will be guided by your higher self and guides.

4. Be patient.

We are in the last cycle of 3D Earth, so as long as you’re doing the inner work you will align with your mate eventually when you both are a vibrational match to each others frequency. Because we are in the last cycle, everyone doing the inner work will meet their other half in order to integrate, remove templates from each others body’s that no longer serve each other, strengthen each others auric fields and subtle bodies so that the negative entities existing among us can no longer penetrate our energetic bodies to influence or harm us, fulfill your tasks and missions to help humanity and the planet shift to 5D, and ascend and become one through sexual intercourse so that two will become one consciousness as we exit this 3D reality and shift into 5D reality and consciousness.

5.Focus on the 4 Pillars of Consciousness

Focusing on raising your consciousness will accelerate your progress in obtaining and manifesting the things you are seeking in the current incarnation. As taught by our elder brothers and sisters in consciousness in Ancient Egyptian times during the Schools of Mystery, The Hathors, focusing on the 4 Pillars of Consciousness will greatly accelerate your ascension and speed up your time line in order to attract the things destined to you such as reconnecting with your twin/other half.

1. Your relationship with yourself and your vessel, the physical body

Love yourself truly, focus on yourself before others, if you do not love yourself completely, you cannot truly love another. Respect and honor your body. If you love yourself and your physical vessel you will not harm it intentionally or put harmful substances inside it, such as bad food, smoking, drugs, etc.

2. Your relationships towards others (how are you treating your fellow beings)

Do you have relationships with others or do you remain isolated to yourself? Do you have a heart for others or are you selfish? Do you love others or only yourself? Do you want to lift others up or bring them down? Everyone is a reflection of yourself so when you do wrong to another, verbally abuse another, cut someone down, you are doing it to yourself. 

3. Your service to others and the planet (are you giving back? Usually in the form of a job/carrer)

Are you giving back to humanity and the planet in some way? Are you helping your brothers and sisters in your community? Are you appreciative of the Earth or are you loitering without regard? Do you have a hobby or career that helps society or only yourself? 

4. Your relationship towards the Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether, are you thankful and show gratitude to them for allowing you to exist)

The 4 elements allow us to experience life on this planet, the 5th element allows the planet to exist. We are all in a symbiotic relationship with one another to help each other on our ascension journeys without prejudices.  Without all 5 working in harmony with one another, we would not be able to exist. The elements are living beings just as we are. Do you show gratitude to them for providing a space for you to experience a physical life so that you can experience evolution in your journey towards ascension?


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