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Spirituality: Top 10 Reasons to not Work with Archangels

Top 10 Reasons to not work with Archangels

I will first share that when I first started my spiritual journey back in 2019 after awakening as every new awakened individual diving down this rabbit hole discovers the Archangels due to the enormous content about them online and all the Youtube “channeled messages” from these beings. If one came from a religious background such as Catholicism or Christianity, then one already knew about them due to their religious manuscripts. I was told about them maybe 6 months or so into my journey by someone in a metaphysical store giving readings and they mentioned I was under Zadkiel because I had so much purple in my auric field. Being unaware and still new in this walk, I thought I needed to apologize for not knowing that fact and also give them permission into my life. I did so after I got home from that reading and the same night, not Zadkiel, but Michael himself appeared to me and started speaking to me in an angelic tongue and writing which I was able to understand during the interaction but did not remember after waking up what we spoke to each other. It was as though he had erased my memory of the conversation. 

Going forward I had believed simply because I had seen Michael that they were real, they existed, and that they were here to help me help others better. From that day going forward, I was visited every night by sexual beings that would attack me or energetically rape me. I never had connected them to the AA, I had just assumed it was training for me to learn how to defend against them so that I could teach others how to, which indeed I did. Eventually mastering how to defend myself against these beings and going on to write a book teaching others how to do the same thing.  Eventually over time, I started discovering that they were not the light beings I thought they were and I did not want to believe it at first, it took a few months for it to finally grasp within me that they were false light beings. Then I was able to start connecting the dots of all these things that happened to me that never made sense until I made the connection that they were associated with the Archangels.

1. They are masquerading as light beings, but are from the Luciferian Collective Consciousness

The Luciferian collective is a group of advanced beings that come from another part of our universe. Because they are more advanced than us, as we are a young species, they prey on our ignorance to sustain their life force. As we are physical beings, we sustain ourselves through physical means such as plants, fruits, meat, water, etc. They are not physical beings as they do not reside within the same density as us therefore their means of survival comes from extracting energy. As human beings, we have seven major gates along our spinal cord that cannot be seen with physical sight, but because of this we are able to create limitless amounts of energy, essentially being unwilling batteries for these beings to take advantage of. Luciferian collective beings prefer the acts of sexual energy extractions so they are responsible for acts of molestation and rape whether through our astral bodies (the body they can directly interact with) or influencing a person to do it on their behalf.

2. They blend lies into truth so that it makes it incredibly hard to not believe them

These beings utilize people that are natural channels or mediums and who unknowingly have given the archangels permission to work with them and infect their messages to society via Youtube, podcasts, the internet in general. As there is a mass consciousness awakening taking place on our planet, they are working overtime to take advantage of you in the beginning so that even when awakened they can still keep you enslaved and plugged into the system they’ve been running for decades.

3. They're the reason for mass sexual fetishes across our planet originating in Europe which has spread across our species like a great energetic siphoning plague

A large amount, if not all, human species originated in Europe and then spread out towards all the other regions of the world. Fetishes, people believe they are just born with these attractions, however, they originate from parasitic energy that is passed down either through genetics or through a transfer by an act of someone molesting or raping another. One will notice that once this parasitic energy is no longer present within their system, the fetish is mysteriously gone. The reason a person may molest or rape another is that they carry the energetic influence/oppression of a Luciferian collective being. They could be directly working with them or they were molested or raped themselves at some point and face the highly irresistible influence that these beings place upon an individual that is not properly aligned within their physical, mental, emotional, astral, and causal bodies. Through the fetish aspect, they’re able to siphon your energy through parasitic leeches which can be removed by practitioners similar to myself. 

You may be wondering what is the significance of Europe? Europe is the origin of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the only religion to revere and utilize the Archangels in almost all aspects possible. It is no coincidence that so many priests get caught molesting children. It has been right in front of us for decades, only ignored and people have not wanted to believe such a thing is possible. Am I saying that all people in the Catholic Church/religion will be influenced to molest children? No. The average person in the congregation is not likely to have these influences because they are not connected enough due to a lack of inner engineering and calcification within themselves and their consciousness. The ones influenced are the leaders because their consciousness levels are high enough to connect and interact with these beings whether they are intentionally interacting with them or unintentionally.

4. They show themselves only to individuals who have the potential to be of high influence upon their communities

Their goal is to stop the lightworkers and indigo children who have incarnated down here to assist in the elevation of the consciousness of the inhabitants of the planet. These individuals will be people who will have a large impact on their communities and society in general. These people are often great influencers for good, healers, advocates for the veganism movement, protesters, fighters against infringements upon our rights, anti-vax advocates, etc.

5. They're desperate for our energy

No matter what density a being lives in, one must obtain energy to survive. Light beings use a similar process as plants do such as synthesizing energy from the sun. Negative beings must steal energy from another being to survive, so it’s nothing personal, they’re just doing what’s in their nature to survive however, we have the right to defend our energy, so we cannot allow this theft any longer upon our species.

6. They act as "middle men" for utilization of the light spectrum energies

If you know about Archangels then you know that they’re associated with different colors of the light spectrum energies. The information about the colors and their associations is true, however, the information about an individual needing to call upon an Archangel to utilize that energy is false. This is an example of a truth blended in with a lie to keep the masses unaware. You do not need to call upon an Archangel to utilize the Violet Flame Energy, the Blue Energy, or the Healing, Protection, and Love Green Energy, as examples. You can manifest them instantly upon the intention and utilize them as needed. You do not need to go through a middle man as they have led humankind to believe. 

7. If they appear to you, then you're a target

If at some point in your life you see a Archangel, especially after intentionally inviting them into your life, you’re most likely a indigo child. If you do not know what a indigo child is, if this phrase resonates with you, I encourage you to google it and read up on it. Indigo children are targeted so that they cannot be as impactful in raising the collective consciousness in their communities, fix the crookedness in our society, and restore balance to the planet.

8. They mimic light abilities to prevent you from finding out the truth about them

They can do the same thing light beings can do. They can tell you about the future/past accurately and may or may not blend in lies to distort it a bit. If you’re reading this then you probably know there is tons of online content of people channeling messages from them.

9. They send sexual beings to siphon your energy when you sleep

If you’re a part of their siphoning, your astral body is accessible to other beings in their Luciferian collective. Sexual dreams are not what you think they are, they’re not just dreams. The reason one can have an orgasm during dream state is that your energy cannot be siphoned without it being extracted from you. As it is taken from you, the physical manifestation of the theft is you having an orgasm. Outside of the physical, you would see a stream of energy leaving your vessel. The constant loss and draining of your energetic life force will leave you fatigued and lethargic despite getting hours of rest.

10. They're using us as a battery to sustain themselves energetically

Their reign is coming to an end, they know they cannot stop the mass awakening that is taking place on the planet and they are desperately trying to maintain their grip on us to prevent us from becoming aware of our true nature and keeping us enslaved. That age is no longer, we are now in the Age of Aquarius.

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