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Spirituality: Top 10 Reasons to not Smoke Marijuana

While there are many MJ enthusiasts that will disagree with me, please refrain from being offended. These are my Top 10 Reasons to not smoke Marijuana

1. It impedes your mental capability to make decisions

It is scientific fact that if you smoke MJ daily, it affects your ability to make decisions. 

2. It creates brain-fog

MJ lowers your ability of remembrance, can make you absent minded, and causes brain fog. 

3. Prevents you from remembering your dreams

When helping my clients  begin the work to start connecting with their higher self, my clients that smoke regularly all have 1 thing in common. They tell me they either A. Do not dream or B. Do not remember their dreams. Everyone dreams, whether or not you remember them is another thing entirely. If you want to be able to dream or remember your dreams, stop smoking MJ and begin the decalcification and purification process of your internal engineering. Definitely stop smoking right before going to bed.

4. Stunts your ability to connect

Smoking MJ regularly causes different issues within the brain. If you smoke regularly and have a hard time being able to have a consciousness shift when you meditate, letting go of this substance will aid you in being able to start connecting.

5. It is a tool used by our society to keep you enslaved to the system

Any substance that lowers your intelligence, the small group that governs our society wants you to be overusing these substances. Their goal is to keep us against each other, to never be in unity, separated, and to keep us residing in our lower nature. The overuse of MJ lowers your intelligence, makes you absent minded, makes you want to consume junk food, etc.

6. Stunts your spiritual growth and development

MJ puts a filter or a cap on your spiritual growth and development. You may at some point find yourself unable to go further in your development. It is because you have a filter holding you back. You have to remove the cap that is the hurdle preventing you from advancement.

7. You do not need any substances, only a stronger will to do the inner engineering

Often times humans are too lazy to do the inner work, they would rather take a pill, supplement, or substance to obtain certain results. If you care enough about yourself and your own inner growth and development, the same results can be achieved without these substances.

8. If the average person is doing something, you probably do not want to be doing it

Our movies, television shows, series, music industry, etc, all have something in common. What is popular is being portrayed in these industries so that society will mimic it. In movies you often see people drinking alcohol, smoking, partying, clubbing, listening to music with negative lyrics, why is that and why is this such a popular lifestyle in our real reality? Our society is brainwashing our species by encouraging you to do these things to keep you in a lower state of vibration and consciousness. This essentially keeps us enslaved and chained to the systematic programming they have been running for hundreds of years. I have a rule of thumb for this journey, if everyone is doing something, you do not want to be doing it, you want to be doing the opposite. If the average person is drinking alcohol, smoking MJ, listening to music with negative lyrics/lyrics that do not make sense, you do not want to be doing it. Distilled alcohol is called spirits, why do you think its called spirits? Break free from the systematic programming.

9. It is addictive

If you cannot live without smoking this then its an addiction. Are you willing to let go of addictions to advance your spiritual development and growth?

10. Smoking it for the wrong reasons

The original spirit of the plant is no longer within it. Society saw the benefit of this plant and how it was helping people so they made it illegal, during which they spent years genetically modifying it only to give it back to the people and start to legalize medicinal use for it. What you are currently able to access regularly has been “chopped and screwed” and it has been given back to society to keep our collective in a stupor to remain numb, compliant, and remain in enslavement. 

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